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We are looking forward to working with you on your mortgage application! 

If you prefer to work with a specific loan officer, please click on "Find a Loan Officer" first and start your application from your chosen officer's site. By entering your name, address, and social security number, you are authorizing us to begin processing your application and pull credit. If you prefer that we not start processing immediately, please send us a message to that effect through the Rapid Reply feature on this site..

  If you do not specify a loan officer, we will be glad to direct it  to one of our friendly mortgage lenders. Either way, your application will be given prompt, personal attention.

Please be aware that not all our mortgage programs are listed on this site. Should you be interested in a program that is not listed, such as Rural Housing Guaranteed, FHA, or other special programs, we will be happy to consider those options.

For further information about settlement costs, see HUD's Settlement Costs Booklet.

Some helpful information specific to filling out the application:

  1. If you are requesting a preapproval that is not tied to a specific property, please use 1 TBD as your proposed street address.
  2. Please provide MONTHLY income rather than your annual income.
  3. Property types
  • Attached- shares a wall with the house next door, but is owned separately from it. Not a duplex.
  • Detached is a free standing standard home. Most homes in our lending area are either detached, condominiums, PUD's or manufactured housing.
  • PUD-probably has some type of homeowners assn, often detached homes in a project, but not legally classed as condominiums.
  • Manufactured -built to HUD code, will have plates on two corners of the home and a paper on an inside door giving HUD code numbers, serial numbers, etc. Is normally delivered to property with removable wheels and axles, has a steel underframe. True modular homes are factory built, normally delivered on a truck with a standard frame rather than steel. True modulars are classed as "detached" rather than "manufactured housing."
Property disposition
  • Pending sale-Property is offered for sale, has not closed yet. 
  • Rental-you will use this property as a rental.
  • Retained-you intend to keep this property for your own use (does not include rental).
  • Sold-property has been sold and closing has recently taken place.

Should you encounter any technical difficulties in using this application, please check under "Tools" on the Internet Explorer toolbar to be sure you are operating in the "compatibility" mode. If problems persist, contact lending@bloombank.com with details.

If you are in doubt about anything in the application, please contact your loan officer. Contact information is on each loan officer's page. We will also contact you with any questions if you will enter contact information in your application.

Welcome to Bloomfield State Bank!

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